Chemical Finishing Systems

TriChem is able to provide a wide variety of chemical solutions for businesses in all finishing industries. From cleaning products and coatings to strippers and surface finishes, TriChem can fully supply all industry needs for service and support of their technology.

The range of TriChem's chemical and solvent products includes:

    Electroless Nickel

  • Low, mid and high phosphorus deposit
  • Plated EN with co-deposited PTFE (Teflon), Silicon Carbide, and Boron

    Cleaning System Chemicals

  • Liquid and powder
  • Spray, immersion, electroclean, ultrasonic, and manual
  • Solvent and aqueous
  • Vapor degreasing

    Waste / Water Treatment Chemicals

  • NSF approved drinking water products
  • Coagulants, cationic polymers, anti-foams, precipitants, anionic polymers
  • Boiler treatments (high and low pressure)
  • Cooling water and tower treatments

    Plating Additives and Specialties

  • Plating additives for copper (acid and alkaline), nickel, chrome (tri and hex), zinc, zinc alloy, tin, and tin alloys electroplating processes
  • Accelerator additives, oxides, bright dips, and zincate
  • Precious metal additives-gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium
  • Tri-Metal - copper/zinc/tin
  • Electrolytic NiP, ENIG, ENEPIG

    Aluminum Processing Additives

  • Additives for Type II and Type III sulfuric acid anodizing (soft coat and hard coat)
  • Cleaning, etching, deoxidizing, coloring (dyes and electrolytic), seal, and stripping

    Surface Treatment Chemicals

  • Phosphate coating - iron, zinc, manganese, and zirconium (spray and immersion)
  • Rust preventatives, cutting oils, stamping / drawing compounds
  • Chromate conversion coatings- aluminum, zinc, magnesium, and alloys (tri and hex)
  • Black Oxide
  • Strippers
  • Etchants-ferric chloride, ferric nitrate, cupric chloride, acid and alkaline copper systems

    Industrial Coatings

  • LEED Coatings / Green Seal Certified
  • Solvent / Water Based
  • Interior / exterior
  • Lacquer / Polyurethane / Conductive coatings
  • Primers / Thinners / Retarders / Strippers

    Laboratory and Commodity Chemicals

  • Acids, bases, solvents, reagents, titrants, standards, and indicators
  • Flexible packaging sizes available
Aluminum Anodizing Tank

Aluminum Anodizing Tank

Electroplating Tank

Electroplating Tank

EN Plating Tank

EN Plating Tank

Chemical Treatment Tank

Chemical Treatment Tank