Chemical Treating Equipment

TriChem can supply businesses with a variety of specialty equipment systems in order to both clean and otherwise chemically treat their products. All surface finishing operations, especially aerospace and defense technologies, require dedicated process equipment in order to produce the optimal surface condition. TriChem can provide a broad range of high-quality equipment to ensure premium performance with exceptional life durability.

Among TriChem's most popular options are:

    Chemcut Corp. Equipment-Conveyorized and Stand-Alone Spray Chemical Processing

  • clean
  • develop
  • etch (with or with out regeneration)
  • strip
  • scrub/deburr (with or without filtration)
  • waste/water treatment

    Manual Tank Lines For Cleaning, Preparation, and Finishing

  • plastic and metal tanks and liners
  • metal anode baskets, anodes, and bags
  • rectifiers
  • filter pumps, systems and filter media
  • heaters - electric and steam

    Control Units

  • Anodize
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Electroless Copper processes

    Ultrasonic Units

  • supplemental units to improve chemical system performance

    Laboratory Equipment

  • standard laboratory equipment and unique kits tailored to the client

Other miscellaneous equipment provided by TriChem include process plating and oxide barrels, spin and heated spin dryers, chip handling units, and evaporators. By combining industry-leading equipment with customized service programs, TriChem is able to surpass customer expectations for both service efficiency and overall quality.

Waste Treatment Area

Waste Treatment Area

Electroplating Rectifier

Electroplating Rectifier

Process Heating Boiler

Process Heating Boiler