Metal Surface Cleaning, Metal Engraving and Finishing Chemicals by TriChem Technologies

Products and services for the surface cleaning and finishing industries are crucial tools to keep cutting-edge technologies working effectively over time. Even the most advanced chemical and equipment systems will require periodic maintenance and service. These support programs, developed by a TriChem professional, can help ensure that the quality and integrity of our customer's product is maintained.

No matter the project or the nature of chemical/equipment system that a business is seeking, TriChem has the answer. TriChem can consult with the client to develop a custom-designed chemical or equipment program. Experience and passion for the industry make all the difference in TriChem's ability to deliver and provide unparalleled support and service options for businesses of all kinds.

Soak/Electrocleaning Tank for Metal Finishing

Soak/Electrocleaning in Metal Finishing

Filter Press in Waste/Water Treatment

Filter Press in Waste/Water Treatment

Rockwood Anodize Tank

Electroplating/Anodizing in Surface Finishing

Rockwood Anodize Line

Electroplating/Anodizing Over Head Hoist Line

About TriChem Technologies

Since 1998, TriChem has been proud to design, create and supply technology and services to the surface cleaning, metal engraving, and general metal finishing industries. From aerospace and defense applications to glass processing and solar panels, TriChem has been developing innovative solutions as a comprehensive distribution firm for a wide variety of applications. With a combined 30 years of experience, TriChem is able to support all aspects of the industrial process - from metal etching and coating stripping to anodizing and waste/water treatment projects. Custom-designed chemical and equipment processes can be implemented to meet the needs of any customer to ensure that all services provide maximum benefit and waste minimization.

Each TriChem consultation begins with an on-site evaluation where the impact of various services and support can be fully examined, as well as short and long-term benefits evaluated. This personal process provides TriChem's support team with the ability to quickly assess a company's needs and create a step-by-step strategy to efficiently administer solutions.